Scientific Program


September 15, 2022
Thursday | full day


 08.00 am
 Opening Ceremony
 by Jens Vogel-Claussen

Technical  Advances in Functional Lung Imaging

 Chair: Yoshi Ohno
 08.10 am
 Past, Present and Future of Functional Lung Imagin
 Edwin van Beek
 08.30 am
 Functional Lung Imaging with Proton MRI - state of the ar
 Andreas Voskrebenzev
 08.50 am
 19F and 129 Xe Lung  MRI – ready for clinical translatio
 Jim Wild
 09.10 am
 The emerging role for PET imaging in Lung diseas
 Delphine Chen
 09.30 am
 Deep learning: a quantum leap for Lung Imagin
 Joon Beom Seo
 09.50 am
 10.00 - 10.20 am
 Industry Exhibition Break
 Lung Cancer
 Chairs: Hans Ulrich Kauczor, Jin Mo Goo
 10.20 am
 LC screening: scientific evidence and epidemiological considerations
 Rudolf Kaaks
 10.55 am
 LC screening: Nodule management – Present and Future
 Matthijs Oudkerk
 11.15 am
 LC Screening: What about the heart and other lung disease?
 Jens Vogel-Claussen
 11.35 am
 How to build an effective screening program
 David Baldwin
 11.55 am


Therapy response Imaging – Current Status and novel development

 Mizuki Nishino Hatabu
 12.15 pm
 12.25 - 12.45 pm

Industry Symposium I

 12.45 - 13.30 pm
 Lunch break
 13.30 - 15.10 pm
 YIA (Young Investigator Award) Session
 Chair: Edwin J.R. van Beek
 15.10 - 15.30 pm
 Industry Exhibition Break
 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
 Chair: David Lynch
 15.30 pm
 Critical Clinical Issues in COPD
 Claus Vogelmeier
 15.45 pm
 The value of cardiopulmonary imaging in COPD cohort studies
 Graham Barr
 16.05 pm
 Novel Structure-Function CT markers in COPD
 Eric Hoffman
 16.25 pm
 Functional Lung MRI - emerging role in COPD


Hiroto Hatabu

 16.45 pm
 16.55 - 17.15 pm
 Industry Symposium II
 17.15 - 18.15 pm



September 16, 2022
Friday | full day


 Chair: Grace Parraga
 08.30 am 
 Critical Clinical Issues in Asthma
 Erika von Mutius
 08.45 am 
 Role of MR Functional Imaging
 Grace Parraga
 09.05 am
 Role of CT Functional Imaging
 Yoshi Ohno


09.45 am 

 09.55 - 10.15 am
 Industry Exhibition Break
 Pulmonary Vascular Disease
 Chair: Marius Hoeper
 10.15 am
 Pulmonary Hypertension - the clinical perspective
 Marius Hoeper
 10.30 am
 The role of imaging in pulmonary hypertension
 Andy Swift
 10.50 am 
 Pulmonary embolism: Acute, Chronic and AI
 Mark Schiebler
 11.10 am
 Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI for novel insights into Pulmonary Vascular Disease
 Bastiaan Driehuys


11.30 am

 11.45 am - 12.05 pm
 Industry Symposium III
 12.15 - 13.15 pm
 Lunch break
 Infection and Inflammation
 Chairs: Tobias Welte, Mark Schiebler
 13.15 pm
 Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic
 Tobias Welte
 13.30 pm
 COVID-19 - the role of imaging and future perspectives
 Hans Ulrich Kauczor
 13.50 pm


COVID-19 – Novel insights from Microstructure Imagin

 Danny Jonigk
 14.10 pm
 14.20 - 14.50 pm
 Industry Exhibition Break
 Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD)
 Chairs: Juergen Biederer, Hiroto Hatabu
 14.50 pm
 ILDs - What the radiologist needs to know
 David Lynch
 15.05 pm
 Critical Clinical Issues in IPF
 Antje Prasse
 15.25 pm
 Novel CT biomarker for monitoring ILD
 Jin Mo Goo
 15.45 pm
 The emerging role of functional lung MRI in ILD
 Christopher Johns
 16.05 pm
 16.15 - 16.30 pm
 Industry Symposium IV
 19.00 pm
 Dinner at Hannover New Town Hall & Award Ceremony



September 17, 2022
Saturday | half day


Lung Microstructure
Chairs: Eric Hoffman, Jens Vogel-Claussen
08.30 am
Multiscale imaging of the human lung
Willi Wagner
08.50 am
Microstructure Imaging of the lung with hyperpolarized Gas MRI
Agilo Kern
09.10 am
New Horizons: Dark field imaging of the lungs
Franz Pfeiffer
09.40 am

Photon Counting CT: The new clinical standard for lung imaging?

10.00 am
10.10 - 10.25 am
Coffee break 
Pediatric Lung Disease
Chairs: Giles Santyr, Jason Woods
10.25 am
The emerging clinical role of functional lung MRI in newborns and infants
Jason Woods
10.45 am
The growing clinical role of functional lung MRI in CF
Mark Wielpütz
11.05 am
Opportunities of  hyperpolarized 129Xe gas MRI in children with lung disease

Giles Santyr

11.25 am
11.45 am